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Based on the IDF methodology that the first line of defence will always be breached CloudStackGroup developed a new approach to web application cyber security.

With all the security tools out there, we still see massive leaks of data, hacks and breaches. Web application firewall (external layer of protection) sold by security companies as a commodity, shelf product. RASP is a newer technology common in enterprises (an internal layer, inside the application).

CloudStackGroup did the impossible by developing a plug & play RASP, a WAF and took things one step further by creating a communication between the outer layer and inner layer of defence, creating another layer of data communicating between the two and connecting it to CloudStackGroup proprietary AI, making the CloudStackGroup Multi Dimensional Protection- the most cutting edge and sophisticated web application security product in the market. CloudStackGroup MDP (Multi Dimensional Protection) creates a neural network environment, crowdsourcing the information into our AI both in the protected app and between all applications like never seen before.