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Pushing for solid cloud utilization through AWS best practices

Advance Your AWS Spend

While dispensing with server foundation results in substantial investment funds for organizations moving to the cloud, distributed computing still requires constant observing, examination, and acclimation to guarantee your spend remains low. Monitoring the assets you are putting resources into is only one of numerous vital contemplations when you become cloud local. Onica has helped several organizations investigate their AWS use, administrations, and estimating alternatives to guarantee that they are paying for what they need – radically decreasing their month to month spend.

Addition Visibility into Your Cloud Activities and Spend.

Analyze Idle Resources

Identify unused assets within your AWS environment

Content Distribution Strategy

Impact storage & lower costs.

Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources

Correctly configure resources to deliver performance.

Manage Reserved Instances

Reserved Instances can provide additional savings.

Cloud Optimizer Cost Control Management.

  • Ongoing cost knowledge and month to month intel diagram.
  • Cloud Financial Analyst and execution group support.
  • Combined purchasing power benefits.
  • Alert, use and stock responder.
  • All around architected evaluations.