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Information Technology

Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to
Information Technology Industry

The services of cloud computing are very much influencing the IT industries. Multi-cloud processes and strategies are expected to play a very important role in the coming future. Thus, no matter whatever sector say public, private, or hybrid all are getting fascinated with the benefits and uses of cloud solutions and yes this is totally depending on their technical requirements. This is a truth that accurate and efficient cloud computing is giving a paradigm shift in the IT industry along with providing various advantages and benefits.

We at Cloud Stack Group are serving multiple IT industries by providing them with the right path and knowledge related to the service as this is one of the best ways to be ahead in the competitive world. Also, when we say this we are committed to providing the service that is as per the expectations of our clients and along with that the steps followed by our engineers and developers who are having their expertise in the service. 


Architected Framework

Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, Reliability

AWS Cloud Optimization

Analyze Idle Resources, Content Strategy, Reserved Instances

Cloud Native Developers

100% Up-Time, Maximize ROI, Scaling & Resilience


Integration & Delivery, Organizational Enablement

Cloud Migration Strategy

Code Migration, Platform Tooling, Proven Roadmap

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Ops, Cloud Pilot, Cloud Optimizer  

Recovery Public Cloud

Entire server backup, Server backup, Faster recovery

Web Application Firewall

IDF methodology, RASP, a WAF tool, Neural network

The Global Cloud Platform to
Support Rapid Growth

Moving further, we know that when talking about the IT sector, it has a very huge and vast set of data. Thus, no matter the size of the information or the data the client is having, we assist them from the start to its end to move their server from the old storage device to the new and updated one and that is completely the AWS Cloud Computing Server. Having said this, if you want to know in detail about the service, you can check onto our portfolio or can also speak with us over the phone, can send email to us and we would be happy to assist you in making your work simpler, easier, and faster.