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Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to
Consumer Goods Industry

The organizations who are constantly looking for a new change and new ways to build a strong platform for consumer goods, for them the best place is to migrate to cloud services. Each one of us is aware about the fact that meeting new ways and concepts is the ever-changing concept that is being demanded by the consumers constantly and this is indeed bringing cutting-edge new products in the markets. As we all know that change is inevitable in nature and thus we all should be adopting this concept and think widely to take the business to the next level.

We at Cloud Stack Group are aware about all the latest jargons and the work that is being demanded in the current market and thus by optimizing the process of just-in-time manufacturing that is powered by the artificial intelligence and computer vision quality control, we closely work with our clients so as to share with them the new process and accelerate them towards the ideas of innovation in the work and delighting the consumers with regards to their needs and wants.


Architected Framework

Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, Reliability

AWS Cloud Optimization

Analyze Idle Resources, Content Strategy, Reserved Instances

Cloud Native Developers

100% Up-Time, Maximize ROI, Scaling & Resilience


Integration & Delivery, Organizational Enablement

Cloud Migration Strategy

Code Migration, Platform Tooling, Proven Roadmap

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Ops, Cloud Pilot, Cloud Optimizer  

Recovery Public Cloud

Entire server backup, Server backup, Faster recovery

Web Application Firewall

IDF methodology, RASP, a WAF tool, Neural network

The Global Cloud Platform to
Support Rapid Growth

Since this is a new process of the work, thus there is a need here to follow its demanded pillars that makes the work easier, faster, and simpler. Because without having these pillars the entire work for consumer goods at AWS would be null and void. So, below mentioned are the four pillars.

1. Sales and marketing

2. New product and process innovation

3. Forecasting and planning

4. Manufacturing and supply chain

5. Infrastructure-led

6. Applications-led

7. Innovation-led

So, now with the process to be beyond the process of current market demand, let us not wait and adapt to this newest feature and add wings to the business and take it to a new level. To know how we work and our pattern, you can contact us over the call or can send us an email and the team will be at your service to share the details for your power packed project.