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Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics

Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to
Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics Industry

Cloud Services has indeed been a remarkable approach in the IT sector and its infrastructure. With the change in time, technology has advanced a lot and this is in the majority of all the sectors. The same is with the organizations of automotive, transportation, and logistics. These sectors are actually realizing the core benefits of AWS cloud computing services and are leveraging them so as to entirely streamline their operational work. We at Stack Cloud Group is the leading as well as the recommended company to serve its clients globally when it comes to migrating to AWS services. This newest concept of the services is yes an innovative solution to the markets.

The core reason why the organization is adopting this service is that they need to make their work completed at an easy level and also data-driven. Also, the companies use the cloud so as to enable IoT driven tracking, monitoring, maintenance, and diagnostics as well as data analytics and predictive modelling to streamline and automate processes. With the use of modern tools and techniques, our team and we can do the things that are giving the optimal result and with that, the team can check the route to deliver cargo, and plan to track shipments – even when connectivity can be a challenge.


Architected Framework

Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, Reliability

AWS Cloud Optimization

Analyze Idle Resources, Content Strategy, Reserved Instances

Cloud Native Developers

100% Up-Time, Maximize ROI, Scaling & Resilience


Integration & Delivery, Organizational Enablement

Cloud Migration Strategy

Code Migration, Platform Tooling, Proven Roadmap

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Ops, Cloud Pilot, Cloud Optimizer  

Recovery Public Cloud

Entire server backup, Server backup, Faster recovery

Web Application Firewall

IDF methodology, RASP, a WAF tool, Neural network

The Global Cloud Platform to Support Rapid Growth

With the integration of the parametric service component, we serve our clients with the aim to be by their side all 365 days a year or 24*7 as and when they need any technical support from us. This process of integrated cloud services saves enormous amounts of time and valuable resources too. Also, if our clients demand from us to build a custom based server or infrastructure then also we are the leading option available that is always ahead of the markets strategies and working for and with the clients. So, with this said, connect with us today and let us know your requirements and we will be more than happy to serve you.