New DevOps Features to Keep You Code-Connected
Harnessing the power of collaboration instruments and practices may unleash the potential of teams practicing DevOps, which involves unlocking collaboration between development, It operations, and business teams. This enhanced collaboration can cost developers a large chunk of their times and they may be ending up integrating too many tools, work status updating and sharing it
The Collaboration becomes a major challenge with a team using miscellaneous tools for the purpose of building, testing, and deployment and monitoring a software project. This may cause the rise of several critical issues which includes- Lack of end-to-end visibility into pipeline; inefficient team collaboration; lack of traceability of artifacts; disconnected workflows; software related issues;
A major concern for every business has been to find a way to respond new market conditions and to gain competency in emerging scenario. Comprehensive and effective planning and implementation of an efficient strategy for growth in order to develop new markets for the business to expand it before the current market flattens out, can
As a term Cloud stands for short of Cloud Computing and this refers to internet accessed pool of computer services. This gives instant access to computer services without setup and is accessible on demand and self-service. With the help of cloud, the data and applications on the on-premise computers can be preserved in huge data
AWS stands for Amazon Web Services based on providing cloud services by Amazon. To understand AWS, it is necessary to understand Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is about delivery over the internet of IT resources on-demand basis with pay-as-you-go pricing. ‘Pay-as-you-go’ is a system of paying for a service before it is used. In this system
Over the last couple of years, it has been observed that cloud migrating or cloud computing services has taken a storm in the technical world. Although it is not a new technology, this computing model is now making it easier to deliver computing resources to businesses across the globe, and that too at a fraction
A web application firewall (WAF) is a firewall that monitors, filters, and blocks data packets as they travel to and from a website or web application, A WAF can be either network-based, host-based, or cloud-based and is often deployed through a reverse proxy and placed in front of one or more websites or applications. Running
We have been translating or seeing a lot of advantages of Amazon Cloud Hosting for eCommerce businesses for a long time or long run. Just, if in case, if words are getting short or are not enough, here are some of the expert opinions that have been given by the expertise on the said topic